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January 27

7:00pm - 9:00pm

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When faced with difficulty and stress, we can meet life with steadiness and respond from a place of courage and resilience.

Stress and struggle are a natural part of life. We train people and groups to move through life and its challenges with a steady mind, from a place of connection and inner strength.

What does Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) look like?

CCT is an 8-week course, including:

  • Weekly 2-hour class, with lectures, discussions, & in-class interactive exercises
  • Daily meditation practices that progress from week to week
  • “Homework” to help you move new practices into long term habits

What effects can I expect?

While everyone will have their own unique experience, research has shown CCT can lead to:

  • Happiness
  • Calmness
  • Acceptance of emotions as they are
  • Self-acceptance
  • Job satisfaction
  • Self-caring behavior
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Openness to receiving compassion from others

The 8-week CCT Journey

Week 1 - Steady & calm the mind

Week 2 - Loving-kindness & compassion for a loved one

Week 3 - Compasssion for oneself

Week 4 - Loving-kindness fro oneself

Week 5 - Common humanity & developing appreciation for others

Week 6 - Compassion for others

Week 7 - Active compassion

Week 8 - Practice Integrated daily compassion

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shrieenShireen Mansouri MD CCFP(EM) FCFP

Shireen Mansouri is a family physician who is also a certified Compassion Cultivation Teacher. She is interested in exploring Compassion Cultivation as a potential antidote to empathic distress and burnout.


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