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Network of Support

Now, more than ever, people are longing for connection, comfort and a sense of community. At Beth Donovan Hospice we are striving to grow our “Network of Support” by offering a variety of complimentary programs for those seeking community in their grief and bereavement journey. These programs will aim to support this need for connection and will be available for clients, family, caregivers, volunteers, and our greater North Grenville community.


Counselling Services

Individual, family and group therapy is provided by a Certified Counsellor to those diagnosed with a life-limiting disease, or anyone in the community who has been bereaved.


Support and Share Groups 

Bereavement Support Group: 

Sharing stories and feelings with people who have also experienced loss helps with the healing process.

A FREE bereavement support group led by trained facilitators.
Program runs 5:30-7 on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

September- March: A free bereavement support group designed for individuals who are grieving a new loss.

Other Local Support Groups

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Caregiver Coffee: 
Caregiver Coffee provides an opportunity for caregivers to connect with other caregivers and discuss the privileges, successes, strains, and challenges they are facing.
Program runs at 1pm on the last Tuesday of each month.

Therapeutic Creative Arts Programs

No special skills necessary; just an open mind and open heart to what this experience could offer you.

  • Dance/Movement Programs
  • Music Programs
  • Therapeutic Creative Arts Programs

Health and Wellness Programs

Meditation Sessions:
Breathe, unwind, and enjoy a time of calm and peace.
Beth Donovan Hospice is inviting you to join us for a Zoom guided meditation series led by Peggy Vandervoort and Tina Gasser.
Meditation Groups are offered:
Sunday @ 7:00 p.m.                        Thursday @2:00 p.m.
Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m.                      Thursday @7:00 p.m.
 If you have any questions or know someone that would be interested in joining us, please let us know either by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call/text 613-227-8462
Guided Journaling:
Take a moment to connect with yourself. Develop a journaling practice where you can process your thoughts and feelings. Learn to use both practical and creative writing techniques to engage in a deeper conversation with yourself.
Guided Journaling is taught by Amy Tibben, English teacher and End of Life Doula. 
At Your Own Pace- A Weekly Bereavement Walking Group: 
Don't Feel like Talking? OK.
Need to Cry! That's Fine.
Need to Talk? Feel Free. You Set the Tone
Next Session Starts October 5th and runs every Wednesday at 11 am for 8 weeks. 


Spiritual Care:

Spirituality has to do with how we make sense of the world, including how we connect to ourselves, to each other. For some, spirituality is nurtured and expressed within the context of faith and religion. Some find their spirituality reflected in many other ways such as the love of family, pets, gardening, music, art or the wonders of nature. Our team offers many spiritual support services to residents and family members, inclusive to people of all faiths, cultures and beliefs.

Healing Garden

Healing Garden

Surround yourself with the peace and tranquility of nature as you relax and reflect in the Beth Donovan Hospice Healing Garden.
Thanks to a dedicated and imaginative group of volunteers and staff, and Kemptville Fencing and Decks, a circular healing garden with paths leading into a treed labyrinth has been created at the Hospice. The Healing Garden uses the symbol of a circle. Throughout history, circles have symbolized life, connection, and eternity, as they have no beginning and no end.Within this circle there are quadrants representing the4 directions- North, East, South, West and the 4 elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The healing circle can be visited to care for our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and can offer peaceful time in nature to help us restore our balance and harmony. 






All are invited to spend time in the Labyrinth, nestled in a cedar forest behind the Beth Donovan Hospice. Many seek the meandering path to unwindthe mind, and to let go of stress, worries or concerns.  Ultimately, a labyrinth offers an opportunity for those who visit an opportunity for healing and well-being.

Expanded Learning Programs

Death Cafe:
Breathing Life into Conversations about Death.
    • Death Cafe is a global movement found in over 66 countries. It's goal is to educate and help others become more familiar with end of life.
      It is an opportunity to:
      • Participate in meaningful discussions about death.
      • Increase awareness of death
      • Help people make the most of their (finite) lives.
      • Discuss death as a natural part of our lives.
Educational Presentations


Book Club

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